2021 CheeseExpo Global Online

Ideas Showcase Presentations

CheeseExpo Global Online features our popular Ideas Showcase in the main Schedule of Events.
Just two Ideas Showcase online talks – provided by virtual exhibitors– will be offered at a time. Your talks, either live presentations or premade video, may be up to ten minutes in total running time, with content to be technical or promotional in nature, and can allow for questions from the live audience.

Slots will be awarded on a first come, first served basis, so we can’t guarantee that every company will secure a presentation slot.  Ideas Showcase Presentations are available to exhibiting companies only.

To sign up, contact Caitlin Peirick at Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association.

Note: Presentations are to be produced by the sponsor, with WCMA able to provide videography referrals and general guidance.

Ideas Showcase

24 Available

Your company will be noted as an Ideas Showcase Participant during 2021 CheeseExpo Global Online with rights to use event logo to promote your spotlight.

Advanced Event Promotional Benefits

  • CheeseExpoGO.org will feature your company’s logo with a link to your website on its Ideas Showcase webpage.

  • CheeseExpoGO.org will highlight your company name with your Ideas Showcase presentation in the Schedule of Events.

  • CheeseExpoGO.org will list all exhibitors and your booth will feature an Ideas Showcase callout.

When the Exhibit and Show Platform goes live two weeks before CheeseExpo Global Online

All Advanced Event Benefits remain, and even more benefits open up!

  • Another Schedule of Events webpage in the live event platform will list your Ideas Showcase presentation title and will include your logo.

  • Another Exhibitors webpage in the event platform (where your virtual booth resides) will feature an Ideas Showcase callout.

Benefits During CheeseExpo Global Online (April 6-8, 2021)

All Advanced Event Benefits and Event Platform benefits remain, and even more benefits open up!

Key Benefit

  • Your Ideas Showcase presentation will run as part of the Schedule of Events with only one other Ideas Showcase Presentation (non-competing companies) being shown at the same time.

Benefits Continuing through October 8, 2021 on CheeseExpo Global Online Web Platform

  • Your Ideas Showcase Presentation will continue to be listed in the Schedule of Events

  • Your Ideas Showcase presentation will remain viewable on-demand.

  • The Exhibitors webpage on the event platform (where your virtual booth resides) will continue to feature an Ideas Showcase presentation callout.

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